The early warning system for avoiding large breaches

Intangic Dashboard

The technology that has correctly predicted
80% of large breaches over the past 4 years

early warning tool

Identifies large breaches
before they occur

accurate prediction rate

Supports loss prevention

peer benchmarking

Understand performance
relative to peers

Breach Probabilityor ‘Early Warning’ Indicator

Early Warning System
for Avoiding Big Cyber Breaches

Monitoring of Encrypted
Traffic Targeting Networks

Constant Threat Surveillance
of Malicious Activity


Financial UnderperformanceProbability Indicator

Predictive Indicator for Financial
Drag and Overruns Due to Constant Cyber Firefighting

Accurate financial models for
budgeting self-insurance

Cyber ROI Analysis with
Data-Driven Financial Risk


Quantitative Peer Indicator and Reporting

Answer the question: “How do we compare to our peers on cyber risk?”

Quantitatively Benchmark Risk Performance to Peers

Risk Reporting on 3rd Party
and Supply Chain Partners

Analysis of Performance Trends
with Custom Peers Groups


Optional Pre-breach Risk Transfer

Coverage that provides claims settlement within 30 days, helping customers fix small problems long before the big, costly breach.

It’s Easy to Get Started

The Intangic Dashboard is a cloud-SaaS product delivered within days to our customers, together with onboarding material. No network access, data logs or other inputs required from the customer to get started.