We continuously validate the size, cost and structure of cyber insurance programs

Helping cyber risk programs work best when needed most

Peer Comps

More accurately price cyber premiums and determine correct size of coverage tower.

Early Warning

Transparent, prioritized actions for detecting and preventing risks and increased premiums.

Risk Pricing

Justify Risk Program ROI and improve value of how cyber insurance cover is structured.

Intangic CyFi™ Dashboard

The power of seeing cyber risk at unique scale


“In his 20 years as a hedge fund manager, CEO and Founder Ryan Dodd saw the explosion of digital transformation fundamentally change how companies created value. But when he asked the executive teams of the companies he was a shareholder of, “how are you validating how you are managing your technology (i.e. cyber) risk?”, he couldn’t get a good answer.”

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Thinking differently about risk


Different approach to Nation-State risk

Chris Nissen

Chris Nolan

Ryan Dodd

Get a fuller understanding of nation-state risks facing companies today — a first step towards better protection against the most probable events.