Predictive technology for better risk management

Empowering risk managers with an all-in-one solution for large, complex organizations

The Intangic Dashboard

Early warning system for avoiding large breaches. Understand performance relative to peers.

Pre-breach Insurance

Giving customer claims settlement within 30 days to fix small problems and avoid the breach before it happens.

Why trust us?

World-class technology and team

Accuracy of prediction

Technology that has predicted 80% of public breaches over the past 4 years.

Unrivaled experience and expertise

Developed with C-level experts at Mandiant, JPM, US DoD to compliment existing security tools & teams.

Backed by industry leaders

Our A+ rated capacity is backed by AXA XL


Different approach to Nation-State risk

Get a fuller understanding of nation-state risks facing companies today—a first step towards better protection against the most probable events.

It’s Easy to Get Started

The Intangic Dashboard is a cloud-SaaS product delivered within days to our customers, together with onboarding material. No network access, data logs or other inputs required from the customer to get started.